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As a fee-only professional our focus is on the advice we provide.  No conflict of interest being commission free allows for true indepedent unbiased advice. 


Being a fiduciary advisor, you'll know that we make our decisions based on your best interest.  Acting in good faith and providiing all relevant facts to you.

W  H  A  T    I  S    D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  T

It's about YOU

At Ratón Wealth, our business is built on Fiduciary and Fee-Only relationships.
We aim to give you what you truly want:
  • Understanding and Clarity of Your financial plan.
  • Opportunity to avoid large market downturns thus protecting your investments.
  • Personalized strategy based on Your situation, goals and risk tolerance.


Holding the premiere designations in our industry—CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®)—reflect dedication to comprehensive wealth management.

Award Winning

Honored for numerous industry awards such as, Five Star Wealth Manager in Indianapolis Monthly, Top 250 Wealth Advisors in Worth Magazine and America's Top Financial Planners by Consumers Research Council.

Outside of Ordinary

Doing things differently, does not always mean doing things better.   But doing things better always means doing things differently.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
~Albert Einstein


Working with a limited number of clients allows us to provide comprehensive advisory services to each client.  Thus improving each clients experience. 


Unlike most advisors, we not only show our fee we also cap our fees.  If an advisor is worth their fee, they should show it.  Our annual fee of 0.90% for assets from $1. to $3M and zero above $3M.


Once agreed upon, an Investment Policy Statement  outlines how you want to invest.  It's a roadmap for your financial future implimenting your financial plan.

No Products

We are financial advisors, not sales professionals.  We never earn a commission or sell investment products, we are completely fee-only.

Area of Service

Our methodology is primarily focused on investment management and financial planning and is a continuous process to achieve full potential today and prepare for your the future.

Financial Planning
Asset Management
Holistic Planning

Our Main Services

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Financial Planning

A roadmap from where you currently are to where you want to go.  While navigating the planned and unplanned financial stops along the way in every stage of life.

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Asset Management

Holistic planning is rooted in two truths: Everyone has their own unique sets of needs and best solutions, and each aspect of a family's personal finances need to be considered on its own and how they impact every other aspect.

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Holistic Planning

Personalized and transparent  strategies based on your situation, goals and risk tolerance with our proprietary tactical overlay applied to avoid large losses.

C  O  M  P  R  E  H  E  N  S   I  V  E 

Wealth Management

Addressing retirement planning, tax planning, savings for education and investments separategly deosn't generally work.  Wealth Management is a process that aligns your investment strategy with your financial plan for today as well as tomorrow.

We Are Awesome At Our Work

I'm sure you want an advisor who's smarter than you with regard to investing, but also one that doesn't act like they are.  We know you're in charge of your own money, not us.


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Client   Focused

Interested in seeing if we can help?

If you have a particular situation you wish to prepare for, or would like a second opinion on your current situation.  Please schedule a free session by clicking below.

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