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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Please read our most frequently asked questions below. If you can't find an answer here, please contact us.

Q- What does Fee-Only mean?

A-Fee-Only advisors do not receive any type of commission from the sale of products and are instead compensated exclusively by their clients for advice, plan implimentation, and ongoing management of assets.

Q- How much does it cost?

A-We have a very straight forward pricing structure: Our asset management services are billed monthly as a percentage of assets. 0.90% annual amount Up to $3,000,000. The fee is capped over $3,000,000 in assets. Our planning fee is on a case by case structure depending on the complexities required for the plan ranging from $500 to $10,000, with the majority of plans being priced around $2,500.

Q -What is the first step to becoming a client?

A-We understand how important the relationship is between client and advisor. We start with a free, no=obligation call that gives each of us the opportunity to interview each other. This helps you better understand our process and ensures you are in the right place. If both parties feel it is a good fit, we schedule a face to face session meeting to gather more information about each other and review your goals and data.

Q- Are you independent or affiliated with a broker-dealer?

A-We are completely indepedent and have been from the start. Our indepedence allows for unbiased advice and provides us complete flexibility in matching your needs with the appropriate recommendations.

Q- Do you have any conflicts of interest?

A-No, wedo not. As a fee-only Fiduciary we do not sell any products or receive any commissions. We hold ourselves to the Fiduciary standard of care, always putting our clients' interest first.

Q-Where will my money be held?

A-We are an independent firm that has the ability to invest with any custodian. We-re not tied to any particular custodian, like many advisors and brokers. We choose for most non-employer related accounts that we manage to be held at TD Ameritrade Institutional. We can, however, choose to hold client assets at other custodians when it makes sense and have done so in certain cases.